The #3 player in the pool right now.

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The #3 player in the pool right now.

Post by The Road on Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:57 pm

Pekka Rinne is 361pts right now.
Puts him 3rd in the league.
He's also excellent in both goalie bonuses and his heavy weighting means he does as much or more for contending cores as a great numbers backup with low games played.

He's an established superstar on a very strong year.

I need a quality starter back (but one with less points this year -- you want to make gains after all). Think Holtby (152pts less), Crawford (102pts less and injured), Dubnyk (-114pts) etc. The better to goalie, the easier the payment. The lower down the goalie scale you slide, the more the rest of the compensation would have to be. I want my team better next year then it would be if I just keep Rinne. Hopefully one of you top 4-5 guys wants to make a jump forward and don't mind parting with the future to buy the present.

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