First of two new debates

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First of two new debates

Post by The Road on Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:32 pm

Listening to NHL radio the last few days I've heard a couple of things I don't agree with... things that, were we all in the same city, we'd argue about over wings and beer.

Here's the first:

Three hosts on the show all agreed that Connor McDavid is now the "best player in hockey". They have ranked him over Sidney Crosby (the direct comparison they all made).

Ummm... hold up.

I'm willing to concede that he is most likely to win the scoring title. I may even concede the idea of "most skilled". But best? Best has to mean more than pure skill. What about veteran savvy? Leadership? Knowledge and wisdom and experience?

Put every player other than Crosby and McDavid into a random draft -- randomly-selected NHL'ers fill every role on a new team except 1st-line Center. Put either Crosby or McDavid into that L1 Center spot. Which team is more likely to win the Stanley Cup? I think Crosby.

Now, if one guy is the one most likely to achieve the main/ultimate goal in hockey, isn't that guy the "best" player?
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Re: First of two new debates

Post by BkP on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:37 am

Many of us have gone over this many times figuring out the "best" of all time. How does you weigh leadership, savvy, etc. Is it a simple multiplier to your stats as a whole? Do you get more rolls of the dice to get a 20?

How are non stat category are ranked? Is one more valuable than the other?

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