The Great Debate

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The Great Debate

Post by The Road on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:24 am

TEN years ago (yep, it's been exactly that long) Mr. Fitzsimmons and I had a running debate.  Some chicanery in the pool necessitated that I deal my coveted rookie center (yet to play a game) for a winger.  My center was a then-unknown Nicklas Backstrom.  Fitz offered me his also un-tested winger Patrick Kane.

I HATED the idea.  I felt I was being forced to take a downgrade in quality.  Fitz insisted his guy was actually better and that I would come out grateful.  We argued for a l-o-n-g time.  Eventually we made a bet.  We each bet on the player we thought would be better the coming year -- each being in favour of the player the other guy now had.

I won that bet.  Backstrom beat Kane that year, and was the better player to own for years after.

How's that looking now?

After 10 years, here are their career stats (complete with pool points):

NICKLAS BACKSTROM  734gp 188g 540a 728pts +113 58ppg 2shg  2614 pool points
PARTICK KANE.........  740gp 285g 467a 752pts  +79  86ppg 0shg  2795 pool points

10 NHL seasons and separated by 181 pool points.  Only 18pts/year apart.
Only 24 NHL points in 10 years -- an average of 2.4pts/year.
It would have been damn hard to make a more even swap.  (But... Kaner's ahead).
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Re: The Great Debate

Post by BkP on Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:29 am

Very interesting. Call that a win/win.

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