Deadlines, rules, etc

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Deadlines, rules, etc

Post by BkP on Sun May 29, 2016 12:22 pm

Guys, we know this pool is for fun. It is amazingly competitive and that fact that we all (for the most part) know each other and get along so well is why this pool works, however with that said we need to follow the rules and deadlines we have in place. They are there for a reason and it helps all of us by following them. I know Todd would greatly appreciate it as he does the major of the updates.

If there is a rule or something you want changed then do your due diligence and find out why the rule is in place. If you still disagree or would like it changed then post something on the forum and we can all, as a group, discuss it and put it to a vote. Same with the deadlines. I know there was a snag with the last minute "deal" between Scoob and Jofa, and I know if was an oversight. In that vein though it is the GM's responsibility to look after his own team, DPP's, and draft picks. Todd at times has made mistakes on salary. Check your team with the appropriate site and ensure your team is accurate.

I'm not pick on any one person but rather all of us. Let's all commit this year to trying to follow them and help make this a better pool for all of us. LoL

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