An early present

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An early present

Post by BkP on Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:36 pm

This should work for all those on a windows cpu/laptop. I am still trying to work on it to work for those on Macbooks.

Click the link and it should download an excel file called ThePool. At the top of the file you should see a tab called TiberiusDarth. Once you click that you should see a little hockey tab that says GetData. Click that and it should pull all the data from Yahoo for both goalies and Players.

It will then boost to your teams. I haven't found a way to tweak the individual team pages yet but I will work on that also.

I also corrected the cascading #N/A errors you were getting when a player didn't exist like on Todd's sheet for Zach Werenski.

The new formula looks like this:

If there is an error, it will just display a 0 instead of the error message so teams with a player who hasn't played yet will still show a complete total on the totals page.

The columns were screwed up because every other column was blank when copying from Yahoo!. I deleted the blank columns on import.

Hope this works for all. I tried it on 2 laptops and Scoob tried on his and it seems to work. When I tried with Todd it seems it didn't.


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Re: An early present

Post by Scooby Davis Jr. on Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:52 am

El Scooby thanks you.

Scooby Davis Jr.

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