Which team am I now?

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Which team am I now?

Post by Brian on Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:04 am

BKP reminded me the other day of the mini essay I wrote on what team I would associate myself with, and place others under.

Well as with all things, I find the idea changing.

Most teams in the NHL panic when not performing. You see it this year with CBJ and EDM, hunting high and low for d-men. And again CBJ and PIT flipping coaches early on. Quite frankly they both needed it.

For me as a pool GM, I didn't have to panic because of a slow start. I came out swinging right from day one. Unfortunately this also can cause a panic of sorts. I saw the opportunity and seized it. Yes my more historically stable players are gone and in their places sit injury prone players and a lot of question marks. But it's January now and I'm still holding on with a bunch band aid solutions.

Look at my goalie core and look at everyone else's. Damn. I feel like the Red Wings with Osgood or Vernon. Or the Nucks trying to win it aLL with Dan Cloutier. How the hell am I in this thing?

Yep my goalies don't have history. Or do they? Halak is not one of my favourites but he has a history of a decently low GAA. Mrazek has great numbers everywhere he has played. But what about Neuvirth and Greiss? Oi. Well on the Isles last year he had great numbers but only played 19 games. So this year he is well on pace to make 25 and then some. Why? The isles stated they felt Halak was tired down the stretch and are giving Greiss more time and the team seems to play in front of him. (Except last. Night) So that gives me 3 goalies I think. Well maybe 3, but in my eyes definitely 2. Now neuvirth. His numbers are all over the place in his career, so not much to go on there. Last season he was decent, not great but decent. So him and Nilsson could make good back up options.

Should I have sold Gibson? Hell no. But he didn't look like he was playing this year, and I wanted the win or at least second. Shit happens lost that one in a big way.

This brings me to another thing that really gets me angry. I have a GM who has told me he cannot deal with me unless he wins the trade by miles and miles, because the 'consensus' is that I have beat him in several deals. Well you Sir are mistaking. Look what I paid for your young player at draft day. Look at the young oilers I gave you last year. You've killed me. Yet somehow I wipe off my tears and move along with my day.

That's one less trading partner I have than others. C'est la vie.

The other one that gets me going is the 'I have no time to look at hockey' BS. Where it takes some guys a week to get back to you, if they get back at all. Give me a break. I have literally talked hockey in a war zone (on chat with bombs going off) and from the other side of the world on many occasions. I was frickin homeless this year for 5 months and yet still talked hockey within 24hrs. I have worked 15-16 hour days at points and still I get back. All while making certain to spend time with my family as well.

Well besides that little rant, I am getting what I am putting into this. I do updates, I chat on bbm and I look at hockey. So for now, I am leading. For how long who knows, but I am making an effort to have fun and interact with my friends. So if that is a nuisance to you, maybe you should find other methods of distraction. Or maybe I am just needy and like things a certain way.

So what team am I?

I am the 1996 Florida Panthers.

Suspect tending. A bunch of over performers but dammit they were trying to have fun.

Only difference is they made one trade all year.

Cheers and happy new year!


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Re: Which team am I now?

Post by The Road on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:33 pm

Hooray for JVB and Jovocop.
The Road

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