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The Advertising and the Price list Empty The Advertising and the Price list

Post by BkP on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:06 pm

Sure, it's the same thing (kinda) that I posted in the OTB section, but I never post anything here so why not use the space.

I have more good goalies than I can keep at year's end. Some of you will profit from that. Here's the list and what they might cost.

Jimmy Howard -- can't be bought. Too valueable, too cheap.

Niklas Backstrom --- Perrenial king-maker. Franchise goalie. Great numbers. Very consistent (1 bad year in his NHL career). He's very expensive, but you're buying the lynchpin to your goalie core.

Jonas Hiller --- 1.57gaa and .944sv% in January showed why I called him the 4th-best goalie going into this season (not including Tim Thomas, who I thought of as a 1-2 year rental). He's a bonafide NHL starter. His cost is high, but you're worth it.

Kari Lehtonen --- 2.43gaa .919sv%. Fairly young. Bonafide NHL starter under no pressure from his backup. He'll anchor your core for years to come. His cost should be in line with what good starting goalies have been selling for this season.

Al Montoya --- High first-roound draft pick. 2.39gaa .921 sv% last year and 2.56gaa .913sv% this year. Nabokov is likely heading to DET now that Howard is hurt (which was the Nabby plan all along). Monty will inhert an ever-improving NYI team which will only get better when they add some DET-trained talent. Montoya needs to turn into an improvement for my keeper list, or a very nice boost for this year (in the race against Fitzy for 3rd).

If I don't get back to you right away, please be patient.

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