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Post by BkP on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:02 pm

Hey, look, I have only a couple of backups, so my "playing team" is my playing team.

Instead of just repeating info that's readily available on the spreadsheet, I'll give useful info:

Just picked up Peverley because of how strong he's been recently with Kovalchuk. If he keeps up, he'll either be tradebait at the deadline (if I'm "going for it") or he'll be the replacement that allows me to deal either Spezza or Statsny in a salary saving move.

I'll be keeping T.J Oshie and Alexander Radulov for sure, so I have a wing or two to move. Kane (despite his stupidly playing through this ankle injury) is almost impossible to move. I'd need backstrom back, or possible Steve Mason.

No surprises here. My good players are good, my backups are backups. I will be keeping Ference and making Pitkanen and Spacek available on the cheap.

Jaroslav Halak broke my heart this year. Broke it. I am (for the sake of bonuses) playing Ersberg. I will be holding Ersberg for next year too, freeing up Halak for possible trade offers (although his value is currently as depressed as the US economy).

I still have several picks and likely won't have the drop players to use them all. If you want/need a deadpool pick, knock on my door. I have all my picks left, plus Scott's 11th. Meaning 4th next round, then 2nd and 3rd in the 11th, then 2nd in round 12, then 1st, then the very last pick of the season.

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