After Debates

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After Debates

Post by BkP on Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:01 pm

We will set our 26 man roster as per our rules by positions. This needs to be under cap. Unless signed prior to the due date all Fa's will use 07/08 salaries. The date for this is June 10th. That gives you 3 weeks to customize your roster. On June 10 we will have only our 26 people. The rest will be out in the world.

Steven (hereby known as steve2) will then draft his 26 players.

At that point we will all have our 26 man teams. We will the set our draft order for our entry draft of 14 players. Position 2-8 will be random via cards. Steve2 will get position 1.

The draft date will be at end of July.

At that point we will have our 40 man teams and game on.

Welcome Steven again. And yes Dean's on board.

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